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Look beyond what you see...

Longest Eclipse

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Today we witnessed a spectacular event, one that is predicted to happen again in the next 1033 years! One of the longest lasting eclipses – from 09:15 till 12:29pm.. For us in the UAE, we were only able to witness the sun being covered by 34%..

For more information, check The National’s article..

I still happened to have the special eclipse shades from the August 99 eclipse we witnessed while we were in Europe one summer.. Even got a certificate for that lol Never imagined it would be used again till today =D

my eclipse shades


I first tried to shoot the eclipse normally, but it wouldn’t show..

Then I tried putting the shades over the lens.. & tadaaaaaa:



Sub7an Allah..

Until next update.. x

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Happy “TwenniTen”

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Wayed m9a5eteha.. 9a7? =p I’ll *try* to update more often.. *trrrry*


Ok, here goes: New year, new us & new resolutions.. Everyone seems to kick start their new year with energy and determination.. jotting down all their resolutions.. making promises to do things.. hoping that the year ahead brings much more of everything.. especially of things they couldn’t achieve in the past year..

& yes.. its cliche

Yet, I think why not? Why not be optimistic about the future, why not write down that to-do list and why not try to achieve it? At least its worth the thought..

So here are MY resolutions, which will go through a mid year audit: (lol)

1) UPDATE more often (this is dedicated to all of you out there.. & esp to Fatam, asmS and e7saas)

2) Travel to.. (or you know what, I will not mention details so nobody jinxes this.. When it happens, I’ll post photos lol)

3) BE healthier – life is already short, why make it even shorter =/

4) Memorize jzo2 3amma.. (at least use Um Younes’ threats to motivate me) lol *already halfway anyway*

5) Clear up my room(s)

6) Staff up (with guys.. COMPETENT ones) & clear up the false reputation that I only employ women (sho asawee if all the ladies that apply are more competent)

7) Have at least three gatherings this year (aim for 3 & hope to exceed)

8 ) Cook more.. & learn at least one new traditional dish

9) Take more photographs

10) Reply to all the pending emails & send all the promised photos to everyone I shot =/ <– this sounds easy but its not.. you have no idea

& so thats it! Lets see how this year goes.. I’m hoping for the best =)

What are YOUR new year resolutions? Have you written your list yet?

final whisper: Mmmm whatcha say, Mmm that you only meant well? Well of course you did.


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I’m enjoying it.. The ‘offlineness’

saadiyat beach day

helicoptering with Bulgari

3eeshy bilady

say cheese


Design Studio


and the dessert


queens guards

going up







& I’m offline again.. =p

final whisper: Mabrook 3bood x