UAE Kitten Look beyond what you see...

UAE Kitten

Look beyond what you see...

B is for Brisbane

B is also for the Beautiful weather.. in Brisbane that is.. & especially compared to the oven-like super hot weather here.. *hoof*

This post is 2 weeks too late, but certain unfortunate circumstances occupied all my time.. Oh well, enjoy a little glimpse of the casual city:


The South Bank


The best, & I mean THE BEST burger ever.. & they have gluten-free options too! If you’re in Australia, you MUSSST go try Grill’d..



@ The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMa)


& guess who was featured: RON MUECK! (the above is a self sculpture by himself)


Very realistic


Baby girl sculpture..


Old women..


Another favorite piece by Michael Parekowhai.. A seal sculpture carrying a real piano..


Gold coast from top..





Wheel of Brisbane


& B is also for Back in Abu Dhabi.. =)

Offline & loving it <3

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craving: Paris

Its been several months.. & I have been disconnected from the virtual world.. except for occasional Facebook peeks, a few peeks of Twitter & total abandonment of my piling personal emails.. (hence not replying to ALOT of people) =/

My offline world, on the other hand, has been action-packed & I’m loving it! Never been this social before.. Seeing more people than ever.. Work also has been both rewarding & exciting.. & ofcourse, not to mention my annual birthday gift to myself: a trip somewhere my heart longs for.. This time, it was beautiful New York again. *flying hearts*

Why haven’t I been updating? Lets see:

1) First, & foremost, I enjoyed keeping alot of people on suspense.. Especially those silent stalkers. Suddenly I am off their radar they had to step out of the darkness & actually communicate with me to find out if I am alive or not! *mwahahaha*

2) The longer I wait, the more comfortable it seems to be offline & remembering how enjoyable life is pre-internet

3) There are people offline occupying my precious time – whether family, friends & simple special someones.. =)

& so, here I am, in my office with my florescently-covered Mac updating you guys and saying: I.AM.ALIVE

I am flying away again very soon, & I doubt I will update before that.. so until we meet again, I will leave with a few captured favorites from MoMa, New York <3

MoMa Marlin

MoMa comic

MoMa photography

MoMa atrium

MoMa car

MoMa mooo


final whisper: Lovin' the Weekends

@ Burj Khalifa

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craving: seriously - a vacation

Last week, I decided to visit the tallest building in the world.. Burj Dubai Burj Khalifa.. True it was announced as a last minute surprise to everyone.. but to my confusion.. If I hadn’t heard with my own ears Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashed announce on TV the new name.. & read all the press and media confirming it later.. I wouldnt have ever guessed as a visitor to the Burj that its called Burj Khalifa.

From the minute the staff welcome you to the “Burj Dubai”.. to the receipt we received that had Burj Dubai written on it.. To all the poems, descriptions, writings on the wall.. There was not a single ‘mention’ that this building is called anything other than Burj Dubai.

I know that there is $o much to be done in renaming everything & I know it is just a matter of time.

Nonetheless, if you are living in the UAE, you cannot NOT visit the tallest buidling in the world ;)

The receipt


Tunnel that starts your journey into the Burj..


Ana burj dubai

viewing point

Hymenocallis flower

The Hymenocallis flower that inspired the design of the Burj

another tunnel

observation deck

dubai from top

Zayed road

zayed road buildings

the rest of the burj

Even though we were ‘at the top’ on the 124th floor, you can still see that there is much more of the Burj going up.. I think its a total of 164 floors?


This is so cool.. you must try it!

going down

Going down =)

Like I said, you have no excuse not to visit the tallest building in the world when it is in your own country! & for those who fear heights- it isnt as bad, you could still enjoy the experience without the phobia ;)

On the same subject, check below Ellen calling the tallest building in the world lol:

final whisper: Nice having you around A - this update is for you ;)