UAE Kitten Look beyond what you see...

UAE Kitten

Look beyond what you see...

“Logos Hope” in Abu Dhabi

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Today I experienced visiting the World’s largest floating book fair: “Logos Hope“. It features a complete book fair experience on a deck that is open to the public to explore. There is a good range of books for everyone – over 4000 titles, yet from what I saw, theres a bigger collection for children. Its docked right after the Iranian market in Al Mina area in Abu Dhabi, and its only here till Saturday the 19th of Feb, before it sails away to Qatar!

The all-volunteer crew and staff comprise of people representing 45 different nations who offer a unique example of unity in cultural diversity. Logos Hope sailed off from Germany around two years ago, docking in different ports and countries since then.

The entrance to the ship

The welcoming experience

lol – I was not sure why they had this in one of their walls.. Probably educating kids about some of the realities of life =p

The ship also features an International Cafe..

Ofcourse we had to have a sweet ending to such a lovely experience!

I highly recommend everyone to visit Logos Hope before it sails away from Abu Dhabi. If not for anything, then for the experience at least!

final whisper: Entrance is free, so you have no excuse not to go!

Around the World in 3 days

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I’ve been meaning to share this for a while now.. My recent visit to Shanghai & the World Expo 2010 for 3 days back in October. Honestly, World Expo is under-rated.. It should be a MUST-VISIT for everyone interested in exploring different cultures. My only regret is not visiting it earlier & staying for a longer time when I finally did. Anyway, here are only  few of the many 100s of shots I took during my memorable visit..

Each pavilion was beautifully decorated.. this one was of Sweden

I was surprised to see that the pavilions were HUGE with cinema-sized screens..

& sky high ceilings..

Outside the Korean pavilion

This was so cool, a huge library with colorful lights & screens

Inside the Morrocon pavilion

Love this.. very creative

I wanted to steal this & put it in my room.. In the Italian pavilion.. celebrating the love & beauty of shoes <3

In one of the pavilions, sliding down instead of going down the steps.. cool huh?

Spanish dancer

Grande Italian fashion.. <3

Everywhere we went, the chinese were shooting.. Chinese papz lol

Traditional performances happen daily infront of the UAE pavilion..

Ok I am tired of posting photos for now.. Until I blog again.. take care =)

final whisper: If its meant to happen.. it will happen

It’s alive!

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There isnt a day that passes, without me thinking of this website..

hanging bottles

Its been more than 10 years now, since I had an online existence.. 10 years filled with memories- both amazingly beautiful (that sometimes I am jealous of myself looking back) & some are sad; not heartaching sad, but maybe heart-pinching sad..

I made wonderful friends through here, I laughed alot & most importantly, learned alot of valuable lessons..

I’ve come this far, & came to know:

- Simplicity is under-rated, the simpler you think – the better your life is.

- Stay away from negative people. You can try to fix their perspective, but if it seems too bitter, just walk away – because nothing is worse than a bitter aftertaste.

- The world is changing too soon, too fast. Which is why we must cherish every moment today, because looking back at it tomorrow, you will feel jealous lol

- I don’t understand politics, & I won’t pretend that I do; but I do understand who the good guys are from the bad ones.

- It is about quantity just as it is about quality at times.

- There will never be enough time.. ever. So you either do it now or you dont. No excuses.

- You must always exercise your brain on ‘faith’.. Keep believing every day, stay positive.. yes every day.. because when we don’t, we forget & then it seems like someone turned off the light on our life.

- (despite the cliche-ness of it:) Nobody is perfect! Not you, not the person who gossips & not the ‘gossip-ee’.. So stop being mean, its always ugly & disgusting & yes, like your mother keeps telling you: If they gossip to you, then they will definitely gossip about you.

- & no, you are not luckier, prettier, better in any way.. You are just you, who should be grateful for what you have.

I would have shared much more photos, more stories & told you about the places I’ve been, but for now, I needed to let what I learnt on the record (& keep you with a few photos from nostalgic places)


iranian salesman

Store clutter

cheap beauty

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final whisper: Mabrook 3azan!