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Kitten's Chocolate Truffles

By Kitten®


~So easy to make.. So hard to resist! ~


~The above truffles were eaten by UAEspirit! ~


Makes enough to make a person smile! ;)



16 pieces of digestive biscuits

1 large tin of Nestle's Condensed milk

2 table spoons of shredded coconut

6 heaped table spoons of drinking chocolate

(Nesquik or Cadbury.. but NOT cocoa)

shredded coconut, or sprinklies to cover 



©Crush the biscuit together until smooth

©Mix the chocolate, coconut and crushed bistcuits

   together in a bowl

©Add the tinned milk 

©Combine them all together until you end up

   with a sticky dough

©Put the mix in the fridge to cool and become less

   sticky to handle (around 10 mins)

©Roll the dough into little balls, sprinkle with

   coconut and place in little paper cupcake cups

©Keep in fridge to harden up (around 20 mins)


Once you eat one, you can't stop!!



Still Hungry?



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