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Heavenly Sandwich

A recipe shared in a unique way by Mimi


No picture enclosed to describe the unimaginable beauty :P


~Greed is a bad habit, but not in this situation, 

coz you'll end up with one sandwich all for yourself ~


Oh sure, you can slap a slice of turkey between 

two slices of white bread and call it a sandwich.

And technically, it is. But, is it a great sandwich?

Not likely. 

A great sandwich is a creation,

it is a thing of a beauty,

and besides it goes so well with a bowl of soup.



Read in the method section below to better

understand what you'll need.



©The bread is the main thing: Should be fresh,

   with character. Look for whole-grain bread,

   crusty bread, cheese bread.. whatever,

   slightly stale bread can work if you toast it!

©The Filling: rummage through the fridge to 

   find a forgotten treasure. A single lonely piece

   of leftover chicken, cold meat , some steak,

   fish fillet, turkey or tuna or whatever. 

   A hard boiled egg, baked veggies. 

   Avoid anything green and furry!

©Accessories: Lettuce, tomato, hot pepper,

   pickles or cucumber, onion.. what about some

   olives? Mushroom slices? After all, its your

   sandwich.. Go Wild!

©The assembly: first waterproof the bread.

   Butter or margarine works nicely, but so does

   mayonnaise, cheese spread or BBQ sauce.

   There has to be something interesting in your

   filling.. try making a totally weird combination

   and see how it tastes.

   (Did you know..? That Elvis Presley like peanut butter

    and onion with mayonnaise sandwiches!)

©Slam the sandwich onto a plate, cut it into

   half, admire your creation's beauty for moments

   then ATTACK!


*Now.. Aren't you FULL & PROUD?!*;)


*LOL..* that was a funny, interesting way

of sharing the recipe.. Thanx Mimi!! ;)


*Enjoy the Creamy Taste!*


Still Hungry?



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