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Creamy Layers Slice

By ImpulsiveStreak


~So easy to make.. So hard to resist! ~


~Layers of cream n' biscuit topped with chocolate~



3 tins nestle cream
3 packets dream whip
3 packets Cream Carmel powder (not syrup)
1 glass fresh milk
1 tablespoon vanilla essence
1 packet Leibnez biscuit


©Put all the ingredients, excluding the biscuits, in a bowl 

and mix together using the blender.

©In a large Pyrex ( rectangular glass tray ) align one layer 

of the Leibnez biscuits on the base  of the tray.

©Cover with some of the cream mixture. 

©Repeat the layering process until the cream mixture is finished.
©Leave in fridge for about thirty minutes.

OPTIONAL: Cover with Nutella chocolate spread or chocolate powder


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