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Chocolate-Cherry Cheesecake

By Kitten®

~Simple, rich and delicious! mmm..~


Serves around 8-10 people

or 2-3 very hungry people! :P



20 pieces of digestive biscuits

1/4 cup of butter, softened

2 bags of "Dream whip" powder

8 pieces of "Kiri" cheese

2 cans of nestle cream

1 squeezed lemon

1/2 cup of fresh milk

4 table spoons of chocolate drink powder

1 can of cherry pie filling

Shredded chocolate (for topping)



©Crush the biscuit until it turns to powder

©Add two spoons of chocolate powder

©Combine the butter and biscuit powder mix


©Press the mix into a 10-inch spring form pan

©Refrigerate for around 15 minutes

©In a separate bowl, combine the cheese, 

  dream-whip, nestle cream, lemon and milk until

   thick and creamy

©Add 2 spoons of chocolate powder

©Pour the mixture onto the chilled crust

©Refrigerate for an hour, then top with the cherry 

   pie filling and shredded chocolate


*Enjoy the creamy taste!*


Still Hungry?



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