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“Logos Hope” in Abu Dhabi

mood: Lucky to be in AD
craving: a PARTY!

Today I experienced visiting the World’s largest floating book fair: “Logos Hope“.┬áIt features a complete book fair experience on a deck that is open to the public to explore. There is a good range of books for everyone – over 4000 titles, yet from what I saw, theres a bigger collection for children. Its docked right after the Iranian market in Al Mina area in Abu Dhabi, and its only here till Saturday the 19th of Feb, before it sails away to Qatar!

The all-volunteer crew and staff comprise of people representing 45 different nations who offer a unique example of unity in cultural diversity. Logos Hope sailed off from Germany around two years ago, docking in different ports and countries since then.

The entrance to the ship

The welcoming experience

lol – I was not sure why they had this in one of their walls.. Probably educating kids about some of the realities of life =p

The ship also features an International Cafe..

Ofcourse we had to have a sweet ending to such a lovely experience!

I highly recommend everyone to visit Logos Hope before it sails away from Abu Dhabi. If not for anything, then for the experience at least!

final whisper: Entrance is free, so you have no excuse not to go!


  • asmS:

    haaappy bdaaay to you reeem
    may all ur wishes come true inshalla *HUGS*
    i’ll visit the place =D

    btw, omg mitaa u had 2 updates o ana mashiftm =’(

    February 14, 2011
  • RSl:

    There is a shuttle bus from Al mina Terminus for ever twenty minutes. Al Mina terminus can be accessed from many parts of Abu Dhabi by public transport bus

    February 14, 2011
  • rose Bella:

    my name is rose nd im visiting ur blog for te first time!! Can u tell me more abt urself!! im from uae too….nd i really liked ur blog, especially the back ground!!:)

    February 18, 2011
  • 3zzan:

    Allah ybark f7atek. Thank u for fillings & wishing u all the best.

    March 3, 2011
  • ZooZ:

    wooow .. I heard about it but had no time to visit.. next time enshallah

    May 19, 2011
  • e7ssas:

    Reeeem min waranaa sawety update … tawni ad5el o ashoof 2 updates O.O

    July 5, 2011

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