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UAE Kitten

Look beyond what you see...

Offline & loving it <3

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craving: Paris

Its been several months.. & I have been disconnected from the virtual world.. except for occasional Facebook peeks, a few peeks of Twitter & total abandonment of my piling personal emails.. (hence not replying to ALOT of people) =/

My offline world, on the other hand, has been action-packed & I’m loving it! Never been this social before.. Seeing more people than ever.. Work also has been both rewarding & exciting.. & ofcourse, not to mention my annual birthday gift to myself: a trip somewhere my heart longs for.. This time, it was beautiful New York again. *flying hearts*

Why haven’t I been updating? Lets see:

1) First, & foremost, I enjoyed keeping alot of people on suspense.. Especially those silent stalkers. Suddenly I am off their radar they had to step out of the darkness & actually communicate with me to find out if I am alive or not! *mwahahaha*

2) The longer I wait, the more comfortable it seems to be offline & remembering how enjoyable life is pre-internet

3) There are people offline occupying my precious time – whether family, friends & simple special someones.. =)

& so, here I am, in my office with my florescently-covered Mac updating you guys and saying: I.AM.ALIVE

I am flying away again very soon, & I doubt I will update before that.. so until we meet again, I will leave with a few captured favorites from MoMa, New York <3

MoMa Marlin

MoMa comic

MoMa photography

MoMa atrium

MoMa car

MoMa mooo


final whisper: Lovin' the Weekends


  • Welcome Back dear,, it’s been the longest period of your absence but it’s always great to know that it’s an absence for a good cause..

    May all your days be filled with happiness yet don’t empty our eyes from your eye candy =)

    May 20, 2010
  • Interesting job once again! I am looking forward for more updates:)

    January 29, 2011

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