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Look beyond what you see...

@ Burj Khalifa

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Last week, I decided to visit the tallest building in the world.. Burj Dubai Burj Khalifa.. True it was announced as a last minute surprise to everyone.. but to my confusion.. If I hadn’t heard with my own ears Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashed announce on TV the new name.. & read all the press and media confirming it later.. I wouldnt have ever guessed as a visitor to the Burj that its called Burj Khalifa.

From the minute the staff welcome you to the “Burj Dubai”.. to the receipt we received that had Burj Dubai written on it.. To all the poems, descriptions, writings on the wall.. There was not a single ‘mention’ that this building is called anything other than Burj Dubai.

I know that there is $o much to be done in renaming everything & I know it is just a matter of time.

Nonetheless, if you are living in the UAE, you cannot NOT visit the tallest buidling in the world ;)

The receipt


Tunnel that starts your journey into the Burj..


Ana burj dubai

viewing point

Hymenocallis flower

The Hymenocallis flower that inspired the design of the Burj

another tunnel

observation deck

dubai from top

Zayed road

zayed road buildings

the rest of the burj

Even though we were ‘at the top’ on the 124th floor, you can still see that there is much more of the Burj going up.. I think its a total of 164 floors?


This is so cool.. you must try it!

going down

Going down =)

Like I said, you have no excuse not to visit the tallest building in the world when it is in your own country! & for those who fear heights- it isnt as bad, you could still enjoy the experience without the phobia ;)

On the same subject, check below Ellen calling the tallest building in the world lol:

final whisper: Nice having you around A - this update is for you ;)


  • Seems like fun, I’ve wanted to visit it since day one =)

    you just boosted this urge to do it.. as you flashed a topic for my blog..

    January 27, 2010
  • e7ssas:

    7abeet ur update & Rami lool zain sawa feha .loool .. i love ellen show

    January 28, 2010
  • BuKhalifa:

    I understand your point but don’t forget that world was not created in a single night where we are today is coz of few decades of hard work . I’m sure that changes will take time . i will also like to tell you that many of the sign boards in the roads are already referring Burj Khalifa … :) .. so ehsoya eshoya 3laina =P …

    February 1, 2010
  • Nice Pictures as usual.


    The decision to change the name of the tower was made 5 days prior to the inauguration. It surely requires some time & $$ to change it. While receipts virtually immediately, other may beg for some time.

    You observation is a valid one still :)


    February 3, 2010
  • Attaw:

    Yallah 3aaaaaaaaaaad 3a6eena a BIG FAT UPDATE !!!
    A Birthday Gift update u,u

    February 18, 2010
  • Lucky you!

    February 22, 2010
  • bint butti:

    WOW v cool update…. loved the pics! and inshalla it wont be long until everyone at “burj khalifa” gets the name lol

    February 26, 2010
  • E7ssas:

    kitkit niba update from NY

    March 4, 2010
  • isn’t the jetlagging over already?

    we need an update =)

    March 10, 2010
  • ryye:


    March 15, 2010
  • BuKhalifa:


    March 21, 2010
  • I haven’t been to Dubai for over 6 years and it seems I missed a lot. Can’t wait to see Dubai again. :-)


    May 20, 2011

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