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UAE Kitten

Look beyond what you see...

Tempura Sushi


Tempura Sushi


with Kitten

~A Japanese Addiction~


To make this possible, you need:

1 cup of Japanese Rice

1 cup of water

Roasted Seaweed

Tempura mix (you can make your own home-made version -

 google the recipe! lol)

Fresh Skinned Prawns

Cooking oil

Cucumbers (cut into long strips)

Sushi rice vinegar

Japanese Soya Sauce

Sushi rolling mat




First prepare your one cup of Japanese rice with one cup of water

(You must use Japanese rice only- see pic)



Wash the rice first until the water is clear & the rice is well-cleaned



Put the 1 cup of cleaned rice with 1 cup water..

notice that the water barely covers the surface..

Put on fire till it starts boiling.. let it boil for a min..

then put the fire into very low.. cover the pan..

& let cook for 20 mins covered..



Next bring out your tempura mix flour..
(If you live in AD, most of these japanesey stuff you can

find in Abela or the Meena Co-op) =P



Mix one cup of tempura flour with 3/4 cup of water..



Have the fresh prawns ready to be dipped into the already-mixed

tempura batter..



Dip the prawns into the tempura batter until completely covered..



Then deep fry the tempura prawns until golden brown..



In the mean time.. after the 20 mins being covered & cooked on low fire..

take the rice out, add a tablespoon of sushi rice vinegar

& cover to cool down for 10 mins..


take out the roasted seaweed & sushi rolling mat..



Take out one sheet of the roasted seaweed & place on mat..



Next cover the sheet with the cooked rice..

(the rice will be really sticky.. so use chopsticks to spread it out easier)



At only one corner, line the cooked tempura prawns & cucumbers..



Using the sushi mat, roll the sushi into a perfect cylinder..



Finally cut the cylinder into equal circle & serve

along with Japanese soy sauce on the side..



For you to avoid making my 1st mistake.. this is how the

Japanese soy sauce looks like.. Yes there’s a difference

between this & the Chinese soy sauce which tastes

more salty & bitter than this one..



Bon Appetite!! =D



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