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Look beyond what you see...

The boy who cried wolf!

mood: lazy
craving: the rush
Ever since technology took over our daily life, we find ourselves fixated with every beep and blink our blackberry devices make – it gets the lion’s share of our attention. Ofcourse we wouldn’t be caught dead without it, carrying it with us everywhere, whether tucked in our pockets or purses, strapped around us with a lanyard (designer-made ofcourse) or simply safely held in the comfort of our palms. Its the last thing we see before we sleep & the first thing we wake up to.
Its not the device as much as its the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) service that got everyone hooked:
Someone just got a new baby, & here’s another promoting their home business – 100% Emaraty if you may. Fancy a list of DPs with your name on them, or how about checking out these makeup tutorials? Would you rather try a series of innovative dessert recipes – ALL containing Nutella ofcourse, or would you like someone to finally get you that exclusive item from Harrods that you always longed for delivered right to your doorstep. Maybe its time to read that specific prayer that will eliminate all your sorrows, or that other one that will make all your wishes come true. Tired of reading, how about watching? Here’s a never-seen before video of behind the scenes of an exclusive royal wedding, or would you care to see a toddler playing an iPhone game like an expert. Feeling down? Lets get the m7ashsheen jokes rolling, or even better: the 101 ways of making fun of A7lam. “YmQin t’67ak aw ymQin la”
The list goes on.. & the BBM world never fails to get crowded by the randomness of what it has to offer..
But then there are moments when these ‘harmless’ purple words reach out to our reality. Someone died. Someone is lost – 24 hours ago – lets ALL look for them. Someone needs money nownownow or else they cant be saved.. & ofcourse the longing to get some good done gets the best of us & we all rush to the rescue spreading the word & helping out.
The lost person turns out to be a prank amongst a bunch of silly kids who thought its funny. The death BC was just a rumor that turned into a competition of who spat out the ‘news’ first. The fundraising exercise led to wrong people & wrong numbers. Some want to see how many times people would fall for it – They cry ‘Wolf!’ & we come running. Until we stop running, & believing.
Its sad but true, especially for those who really could have benefitted from the help. Take it from me: if its purple – VALIDATE – before spreading. After all, you don’t want to turn into the boy who cried wolf.
final whisper: This update goes to all the ASMAs in my life.. who kept pushing me to post something now now now!:)

Do I smell Creamy Mushroom Soup?

mood: Hopeful
craving: 2012

& the kitchen is back in business after a long time. I have so many new recipes to share! ;)

Allow me to start with the delicious creamy mushroom soup, with the step by step method.

Now you have no excuse not to master this must-try recipe.

Try it & let me know how it goes with you.. bon appetite!

final whisper:

Millionaire Me

mood: Low battery
craving: Vacation - a proper one

If I had a dirham for every time someone would ask me if I will ever blog again, then I would have been a millionaire by now!

So I’ve been up to so much that I am not sure where I have left off, or where should I even start. My blogging was always like a run-down engine; it would take forever to start, then once it does, it suddenly stops for a long time again! lol Is there a doctor in the house?

Lately I’ve been feeling ‘trapped’ with work. I can’t escape it, nor can I bear working any minute longer. I think it’s because its been such a long time since I took a proper break. Work keeps piling on my plate by the day, resources seem to be either disappearing or not being able to handle the pressure, and the thought of taking off any time soon or even anytime this year is like finding a unicorn – hence the feeling of being trapped. *sad music*

An ex-workaholic friend of mine recently quit her job out of the blue. I was so shocked because out of everyone I knew, not only was work running in her veins & always came first, but she was EXTREMELY passionate about it. She now feels ‘liberated’ & happier than ever. She feels light & worry-free. I envied that (not in an evil-eye-kind of way), but to me she was totally brave to make that move & have no regrets. She took the ‘plunge’ & now is flying like a free bird.

Another friend of mine did the same. At the height of his career, he just quit. No negativity, no specific reason at all, he just felt satisfied & left to start  a new beginning. Not a new job, but a new chapter in his life where he wants to take his time deciding what to do next. Again, he felt liberated. I envied him too.

I want to feel liberated too.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to flush down my blessings & quit my job. Especially when I am so lucky to be where I am & others do not even have the privilege of a decent job. I want to give back. I want to empower. I want to change the world. Yet, I can’t help not feeling human about this. I am going too fast, too soon, too hard & no chance to breathe.

My batteries are running low. I need to recharge.

I want my happy-go-lucky self back.

Please let this phase pass by faster, because its taking longer than usual.

Until next time..

final whisper: This is dedicated to all the people who made me a 'millionaire''